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We've got BIG news and a BIG new pin-up by GrossGirl!

This big news been taking up a lot of our time! There are big changes on the way and we've been looking for the perfect opportunity to tell you about them.



We're planning on updating Con-Quest's combat in a number of new and interesting ways! New spells? New attacks? Bigger! We're planning a new overhaul that is going to make the combat in Con-Quest deeper and more stylish.

Check out this rough, older mock-up we forced our artists to do before feeding them:

Why Change The Combat?:

Con-Quest's combat has proved to be a useful and practical system so far, but we think we can do better! Something that's a joy to look at, and not just because there are naked women on it!

Con-Quest is also a hugely character-focused game, and we've come to the realization that 1v1 combat is antithetical to the game's focus, feel and themes. In a game where you run around and make new friends, why shouldn't you take those friends on an adventure with you, and fight by their side?

So what changes are we going to make?

  • Multi-Fighter Parties:

We want to add back-sprites to characters, especially seeing as we are hoping to add multiple characters into fights. Rather than 1v1s, we've conceived of and are testing a system of rotating attacks and party members!

  • New UI:

Our current battle system still carries artifacts of Con-Quest in its very earliest stages. We'd like to see the combat system evolve, visually, in ways we've so far been unable to as we have with the rest of the game.

  • New Backgrounds:

To give the game a better sense of scale and flow, we'd like to see our battles visually taking place inside of the areas that the battles are canonically taking place in.


What other changes are on the way?

Patreon Reward Additions:

If you've played Con-Quest, then you've seen your fair share of beautiful cartoon women! Beautiful women previously only accessible on Flash-enabled browsers! For the first time, exclusively for our patrons, we're now adding HD .PNG files of Con-Quest: Poke-Con's reward images accessible DIRECTLY from Patreon! We're also adding galleries of battle sprites from Con-Quest: Poke-Con so you can view girls that you've already saved or even potentially missed!

All Patreon rewards listed below are additions! All previous rewards will continue implementation uninterrupted!


$1 Tier Patrons:

  • Our $1 Tier Patrons will have access to the battle sprites and HD .PNG files of Phoebe, Ivy, Carmen and Michelle's rewards!

$5 Tier Patrons:

  • All of the previous reward tiers
  • Access to the .PNG battle sprites of all of the girls we have in the game!

$10 Tier Patrons: 

  • All of the previous reward tiers
  • Access to the whole of the game's reward images in glorious HD .PNG format!

$20 Tier Patrons:

  • All of the previous reward tiers
  • Access to all of the HD reward images, static AND animated!

$40 Tier Patrons: 

  • All of the previous reward tiers
  • Access to layered files of our animated reward images! An in-depth look at the way our animations are rigged!


Too Many Girls!?

Wow! We've got a lotta babes in our game! With Con-Quest's robust cast, now is the perfect time for us to go back and fix the fundamentals of the game we've not yet had the time to polish since our game's creation. 

Con-Quest has proved to be a great time for a lot of people, and we're proud of the fanbase we've accumulated, and are humbled by their, and your, continued support. We'd like to strengthen our game in the deepest and most eminently important ways we can. We want to improve the lifeblood of Con-Quest's engagement: the combat and character interactions.

So What's Next?

At this time, our designer/director is going to be all designer without the time for direction he previously had. This will be taking some load off of our artists and writers, that we plan to immediately make up for that load with a new idea for Con-Quest!

The Safari Zone Idea:

The plan is simple: add a room (or rooms) to Con-Quest wherein our artists will add newly conceived characters and their reward images! This may even leave room for small amounts of story and flavor text along with it! This would allow us to continue giving new content and versions to our patrons fairly quickly while giving our designer the freedom to build the new combat system!

Version 0.097 Public Release Date!

Be sure to stop by for the public release of the new version on the 25th of May! See you then!


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