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CuddlePitGames's News

Posted by CuddlePitGames - 2 weeks ago


In Con-Quest Romance: The Spring Festival, you will be tasked with dating one of three cosplayers and showing them a good time at Vanilla's Spring Festival! Enjoy an all new adventure from the creators of Con-Quest, available NOW!

You can download Con-Quest Romance: The Spring Festival HERE:

PC/Linux: https://www.dropbox.com/s/a563p4nocfqeubn/ConQuestRomanceTheSpringFestival-1.0-pc.zip?dl=0

Mac: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tlt8oy0ar371ff3/ConQuestRomanceTheSpringFestival-1.0-mac.zip?dl=0

Be sure to let us know what you think!


Also available on Itch!




Posted by CuddlePitGames - March 12th, 2019


Many of you may be aware that a while back, a group of extremely talented patrons put together a very thorough walkthrough for Con-Quest! It's an incredible resource and we highly recommend checking it out! We make sure to link to it below each public release!

We've decided to also write a simplified version of the guide, in classic GameFAQs .txt style! It should be the least circuitous road to getting to the end of the most recent update (or to the section you're hoping to play) possible, and we hope you enjoy it!

Click here to download it!


Posted by CuddlePitGames - March 8th, 2019

We've updated the itch.io version, so if you prefer to have the game downloaded and play it directly off of your PC, check out our Itch.io page!


Posted by CuddlePitGames - March 8th, 2019


Now everyone can finally get their hands on the newest release of Con-Quest! An imposter Faye has infiltrated the convention, it's up to you and Carmen to reveal her true identity! But you might find that the situation turns cold, quick!

Click here to play the public release!

And don't forget to become a patron to see an all new exclusive Scorbunny pin-up post!

+Swapped out the WIP CG's for finished version.

+Added a new quest that starts after getting Joyce as a summon.

+Added new CG's as a reward for the new quest.

+The CG viewer has been altered and will now show a hint when looking at a locked CG.

+During Felicia's quest where you need to gather ingredients for candy grams you can now talk to the first floor receptionist to track your progress.


Posted by CuddlePitGames - March 7th, 2019

The full version of 0.11 is out now for Patrons!


The public version will be posted Tonight at 10:00PM PST




Posted by CuddlePitGames - February 26th, 2019


V0.11 Final Build Relase Date!

Hey Everyone!

We've been fast approaching our release date, even with the extra time taken to add more polish and content to the coming update and we can now say with confidence that the final release of V0.11 will be available to everyone by March 7th! With luck, we may even be able to release sooner!

You can look forward to fleshed out CGs that were previously represented by placeholders, new CGs not seen in the beta and a mysterious story addition!

We'll see you all on the 7th!


Posted by CuddlePitGames - February 1st, 2019


Con-Quest V0.11 Beta Available to Patrons!

A beta of the newest Con-Quest update is now available to all patrons! Check the patch notes below the links to see what's new! We'll keep you updated as to the full release!

Click here to see the links and view the patch notes!


Posted by CuddlePitGames - January 26th, 2019


Con-Quest V0.11 Update Patron Release Date!

Hey Patrons!

You heard it here, folks! Our next update for Patrons is going to be coming out on:

February 1st!

With the public version following around two weeks afterward!

And here's what you can expect in Con-Quest's next iteration!

-New rewards and CGs! Beautiful girls in sexy situations, with more added visuals than our usual update, too!

-New Questline! A kidnapping has occurred! It's up to you and Carmen to find out the dastardly scoundrel behind this heinous act! But be warned: the answer may not be as simple as it at first appears!

-New summons! Two new characters will be receiving the power to aid you in battle! Michelle has got Shield Splash duty covered up tight! But who could the second summon be?

-Battle backgrounds! A number of battle backgrounds have been added to corresponding rooms to individualize the battle arenas!

-And a number of bug fixes too!

We'll see you all on February 1st!




Posted by CuddlePitGames - December 17th, 2018


Side-Quest is coming along both bigger AND quicker than you might think!

But this is a development update too HOT for Newgrounds!

As in many of the necessary .gifs are actually too big to upload here.

Click here to see what we're up to!


Posted by CuddlePitGames - November 30th, 2018


Hey everyone!

We hope everyone's Thanksgiving made them feel as sleepy and fat as it made us feel! We've got some big news regarding our development this month, so let's get started!

Side-Quest's New Lease On Life!

We had a ton of great feedback on Side-Quest, everyone seemed to enjoy the alpha and we were more than happy to bring it to our patrons! After examining the product, what it was shaping up to be, and exactly what we want to bring to the people who have supported us, we here at Cuddle Pit reached a unanimous decision.

We can do better.

Our patrons have given us the freedom to not only create but to improve, and we only improve by challenging ourselves. So Side-Quest, now a working title, is undergoing some major changes, all of which we believe are positive both for the final product but for the development of the project itself.

Let's start at the top!

Side-Quest's Lofty Writing Ambitions!

First thing's first, we've decided to take it from the top with Side-Quest's script, retaining only a basic premise, some locations, most of the characters and a joke or two from the original script. Otherwise, we've been planning out a script that is more ambitious, more riveting, funnier, darker and more intense than anything we've yet attempted, at least through Cuddle Pit.

We obviously can't tell you much, as a great deal of the new script, as was the old, is based on twists, turns and hidden information. We'll keep you updated as best we can! What we can tell you is that the current outline is far less linear than the alpha and player actions will matter in far more consequential ways.

Directing Side-Quest's Art Like Never Before!


Our artists, hard at work as they usually are, have begun stretching their directing muscles here at Cuddle Pit! Above is a set of rough animatics, playing sequentially in .gif format, created to better illustrate an intended scene. With the freedom to have our artists, rather than the limitations of telling a story strictly through text boxes, decide how our scenes can and should look, Side-Quest is shaping up to be a more visually interesting project than Cuddle Pit has yet undertaken!

With this kind of direction, a type of motion-comic, or even moving, visually dynamic dialogue sections, could be used to punctuate key scenes in Side-Quest! 

The above animatic is a test scene, not necessarily anything intended to appear in Side-Quest specifically, but was created in order to see how Side-Quest could and should be able to visually convey scenes.

Is It Still A Visual Novel?

Yes and no! Yes, as in, it is still a moderately long-form story told mostly through character dialogue and influenced heavily by player decisions!

No, as in, it is no longer defined by its confinement to these boundaries. Side-Quest's current plan and build is defined by player involvement and a greater emphasis on non-Visual Novel style interactivity. We'd like, very much, to allow Side-Quest to blossom into a game, with as much reliance on skill and interactive entertainment as the games that inspired us into this business! 

Which naturally leads us to:

Side-Quest's Fancy New Engine!

Many of our contemporaries have done amazing things with Side-Quest's previous engine, Ren'Py. It's a reliable piece of hardware that is capable of amazing things, but we believe it's time for us to say goodbye. Side-Quest's development has officially and completely switched over from Ren'Py to GameMaker Studio 2!


As shown in the above GIF, our switch to GameMaker Studio 2 has already been a fruitful one. Our commitment to a greater emphasis on gameplay, along with our existing background programming in GMS2, means that our ambitions to make Side-Quest smoother, sleeker and more fun than anything we've made before are not only possible, but are demonstrably achievable by our own in-house team!

How Ambitious Are We Talking Here?

So far, compared to the original, the game as planned has not doubled in size, nor do we intend to double its size. Among the many benefits on working on Side-Quest, one of them is the ability to stretch our development muscles as a unified studio. With that, we are remaining conscious of how far exactly we can stretch. We have based our plans directly on qualities, ambitions and ideas we know we are already capable of.

This is exactly why we are comfortable with releasing the updates on our development here and now. We recently began experimenting with a new engine, with changes to the script and with a greater focus on art direction, and with the success we've achieved in that department, we're happy to say that the experiments were a success, that our artists are flourishing with this newfound creative freedom, that GMS2 is a great fit for Side-Quest and that our new story outline and burgeoning script is as fun as it is surprising.


In other news, we'll also be doing our last pass on Nowhere Girl on (Today? December 1st?) so if you're a $10+ patron and haven't received your complimentary key yet, then don't forget to message us soon!

We should also have a new pin-up posted very soon!

We're very excited about all of our recent developments, and we'll be updating you with more information as it develops. Thanks again to all our patrons and we'll talk to you again soon!