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Comments (7)

Man i love the job you guys are making, when will come out to public?

The only question I have is when you're making it public? Other than that it looks really promising!

I am so very excited for the next update!

Can really see how this is aiming to be a full Indy title, wonder when we could look forward to a pre-alpha full price purchase for it.

For those that aren't on the Patreon, the version of this blog post over there announced that the public build will be released on Jun 30th.

June 30th will be a second beta for patrons. The moment we have a solid date when the public version will be ready it will be made into a full news post.

Yo jugué este juego y solo diré unas cosas. Este juego me encanta. Me hizo reír mucho, me hizo enfurecer por lo difícil que podía ser en algunas batallas y me hizo llorar por el final de la versión 0.11. En serio estoy enamorado de esta saga y estoy esperando la siguiente versión demasiado. Encontré este juego por casualidad y desde entonces, no puedo evitar mostrar mi admiración. No tengo dolares, pero les doy mi gratitud por esta obra de arte. Les deseo desde aquí en Venezuela la mejor de las suertes y bendiciones. Sigan así. Por cierto: Jolie es mi personaje favorita del juego. Además: la cosplayer de Umbreon, ¿no debería ser parte de la cafetería? Además: Creo que pudieron sacarle más provecho a la cosplayer de Gardevoir. De resto, el juego es excelente y merece 5 estrellas. Y por favor, si pueden, hagan la opción del español, si no es molestia.

I played this game and I will only say a few things. I love this game. It made me laugh a lot, made me mad at how difficult it could be in some battles, and made me cry for the end of version 0.11. I'm seriously in love with this saga and I'm waiting for the next version too. I came across this game by chance and since then I can't help but show my admiration. I have no dollars, but I thank you for this work of art. I wish you from here in Venezuela the best of luck and blessings. Keep in that way. BTW: Jolie is my favorite character from the game. Plus: Umbreon's cosplayer, shouldn't it be part of the cafeteria? Also: I think they were able to get more out of the Gardevoir cosplayer. Of rest, the game is excellent and deserves 5 stars. And please, if you can, make the choice of Spanish, if it is not a nuisance.