Weekly Update; December 15th, 2017

2017-12-15 22:04:41 by CuddlePitGames


Cuddle Pit Alpha Site was finally joined in a meeting with the colder, but far less crowded Beta Site. Vanilla, not content with the idea that the Cuddle Pit is wasting space that could be used on making the Help more crowded and miserable, has been seeking office space for the team! She has been clear about the 'no windows or exits' rule, so it may take some time to find somewhere suitable.

We're currently in the middle of pre-production for the next update, which will include more dates with more cosplayers and, as you can see above: emotes!

Yes, we're also currently in the middle of finally adding emotions to our main characters! So far we've got emotes for Faye and Ivy all ready and we're in the middle of finishing Carmen's emotes! 

This may take us time to implement them, as it will require a new, streamlined system to allow for quick switching between character sprites, but we're confident it's going to pay off!

This should add a lot of character to the writing and cutscenes and we hope that you really enjoy it!

We'll keep you in the loop as to the improvements and the additions we'll be making to Con-Quest in the next update, as well as to our up and coming change of location!

We'll see you soon!


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