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HUGE News Update 3/1/2020

Posted by CuddlePitGames - March 1st, 2020

Hey everyone we have a release date on the newest update!!!

The next build of the game will be released on patreon June 16th 2020. With the public release a few weeks after

This update will have a total of 31 NSFW cgs. including 3 unique reward settings with 22 variant cgs, and 9 adult cgs occurring in-story. This is almost 4x the amount of adult content compared to the latest public build v.11.

After the update is out we will fix up the patreon page make things more clear and update the art and better show off the new state of the game. As well as fix up the discord and merge both free and paid servers into one.

Here is a road map for the future builds currently planned up til the finished build of the game.

The finished game will have at least 24 girls to save and “romance”. 


Patreon supporters will get early access to the game in the form of side updates as we add individual girls and their respective questlines. Future builds will not take nearly as long as the intro, after June 16th expect bimonthly updates to come back for patrons. 

Why did you decide to re-do most of the game?

The current version 0.11 was very close to the ending and we realized the ending we have always wanted to do wasn't built up enough. Each area was pretty inconsistent and didn't have a very strong overarching narrative to hold everything up. Hopefully by reintroducing old favorites with additional questlines (and brand new rewards) you’ll be able to see the character arcs we had in our head and enjoy the ending we’re excited to get to.

We alsooooo received a warning from a certain gaming company and felt that in order for the game to survive we needed to change some things. 

Since we’re going to have to go back and erase certain images from the early levels of the game, we thought it would be a good opportunity anyways to just add onto what we already had. 

I heard Flash is ending in 2020

So flash isn't dying it just not going to be natively supported by most internet browsers. All that means is you will just need an addon to chrome or whatever you use or use the newgrounds flash player https://www.newgrounds.com/flash/player.

Once the game is finished we will focus our efforts into making sure the port to a standalone version works and will try to get it to work on other things like MAC and mobile. 

And if you're a player who uses the .exe versions of the game it actually won't change anything at all, it's only for web based flash games.

Is the story changing?

Nope! If you’ve played up til the latest build of the game, you’ve experienced most of the story we’re going for. Consider the original conquest story the “outline” where these updates will flesh out the details. Some things might be changed around but we want to preserve the heart of the game. 

How come characters don't look like pokemon?

We received a warning notice from a particular game company and have to be more careful about how we handle our characters. 

Is the discord going to be merged?

Yes, after we get the intro update out we will focus on updating the pateron and restructuring the discord to be fun and helpful. 

What’s going to happen to the old art and rewards?

Don’t worry! In a future build we will add a legacy gallery for previous rewards and cgs. 

Feel free to ask questions in the comments bellow!


Comments (3)

I've always worried about when they would step in and say something, ironically, their speaking up may just end up making the game even better in the long run.
As a curiosity, are you guys considering releasing on Steam when the game is finished? I know steam has Adult games, though they do seem to hide them a little too nicely.

I think it will be great to play this game till the end, then re play it again and see the difference :D you guys have made an amazing game so far n.n and hopefully someday well be able to download it for desktop :)

Don't know if your still answering from here, but do we need to use a new save file and can't use the save file that we had before.