Con-Quest! Poke-Con Version 0.05 is out now on Patreon!

2017-03-14 01:36:06 by CuddlePitGames


The new version is now out on Patreon!

Public version will be out wednesday!

(possibly sooner depnding on how many bugs are found by the Patrons)


Patch Notes:


Lightning spell:

small damage increase while shocked

damage lowered dramatically while undering healing scissors debuff

damage now scales with Max MP


Grass spell:

small damage increase while under healing scissors debuff

damage lowered dramatically while under the on fire debuff

damage scales with max enemy HP up to a cap which is increased by your max mana.


Fire spell:

fire damage buff now scales slightly with max MP

small damage increase while on fire

damaged lowered dramatically while shocked.

damage scales with max MP.


New Characters:

 Cuebone Cosplayer , Boss, Umbreon cosplayer(ultra rare)


New Area:

There is a new area past the beach room.



you can no long run from boss fights.

Typing "friendzonedagain" in the Pateron input will revert all topless character portraits to clothed ones.

A bunch of new random shop cutscenes have been added. They have a chance to trigger whenever you enter the shop room after you save the new cosplayers.

Pateron increased shiny chance has been redone and should now work better.


Camera feature:

The Camera will now zoom in when going to the next rip state.



Added a new song " Pokemon Sun & Moon: Vs. Rival! Final Encounter [Fanmade] " By  EternalSushi 



Eevee animation now has 2 parts.


$10 + Patreon Rewards:

3 new topless character portraits have been added.


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2017-03-14 10:05:44

Greetings from Argentina: Good to hear. So... tomorrow? Or is the next week the release of the new version? I'm sorry but it isn't clear which wednesday we are talking.


2017-03-14 17:11:44

How I wish I wasn't too broke to be a 40 dollar patron


2017-03-15 15:52:51

I am guessing next wednesday, though it would be awesome if it came out in the next few hours.


2017-03-15 17:10:02

Please be this wendesday!