Con-Quest! Poke-Con Version 0.07 beta is out now on Patreon!

2017-06-02 22:03:33 by CuddlePitGames



The beta for the next version is out now for all Patrons. We're still working on adding some new things for this version so expect the Public build to be finished in a week or two!




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2017-06-03 09:53:16



2017-06-06 14:47:35

Can you release it now?

CuddlePitGames responds:

Once it's finished and ready for the public ;3


2017-06-14 10:28:06

is it done yet?


2017-06-16 16:43:03

Any news on the update? Literally checking every day lol

CuddlePitGames responds:

It's getting really close. We recently hired another artist to work on stickers so we have some cool new stuff on the way. :)


2017-06-17 09:57:08

So it's maybe gonna be released tomorrow then?


2017-06-17 16:08:12

so um, can we have an estimated time until the public build or something?


2017-06-18 10:36:35

OK, it can't take THAT long to make stickers, how much longer?

CuddlePitGames responds:

We're doing more than just adding in stickers. Adding a choice system for a new mini game, and a number of small graphical changes. We're picky about how our stuff ends up looking but I think at the end of the day even though it takes some extra time its worth it.

As for an estimated release date we're working on the post right now.


2017-06-18 17:45:47

You guys should have just stuck to your regular "once a month" update schedule. Clearly, "trying something new" didn't work out. In 12 days it'll be 2 months since the last update.

CuddlePitGames responds:

Unlike our sex lives we don't conflate speed with quality.