Con-Quest Update News! New Build June 20th!

2017-06-18 21:23:45 by CuddlePitGames


Hey there! The groundwork has been laid for the next Con-Quest update! We're coming together to polish everything up for the public release and have a set date of June 20th! We're all excited to see what you all think of this new version of Con-Quest!


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2017-06-18 22:15:14

Anyway this could come out tonight? 'Cause I'm having heart surgery tomorrow and I probably won't be able to enjoy it for a few days after. I mean, to be fair it's nothing life threatening, but still.


2017-06-19 09:16:29

I hope everything goes fine for you, mate. Good luck with the surgery.


2017-06-19 15:49:27

OK, but, what are you's "polishing up" exactly?

CuddlePitGames responds:

Oh, come on man, don't make us say it...

It's the dicks OKAY! We're polishing the DICKS. It's not easy getting them to that transparent like shine.


2017-06-19 17:14:37

sweet dude can't wait
p.s have fun polishing dicks

CuddlePitGames responds:

Thanks, and we always do.


2017-06-19 19:47:10

Oh, OK, i thought you were talking about fixing bugs/other things.

CuddlePitGames responds:

Polishing Dicks, fixing bugs, adding new art assets it all kinda blurs together into one big hot mess which leads to a new update and the occasional baby.


2017-06-19 21:39:04

also sorry about a second but is there going to be a update where we get to "polish our dicks" with faye


2017-06-20 00:22:58

Tomorrow (the 21st) will be my birthday so ill think of this as a early b-day present so THANKS :D


2017-06-20 11:53:59

damn its gonna be released on murica time.

CuddlePitGames responds:

Yep, it's only 10am for us right now. But don't worry were posting it as soon as its finished.


2017-06-20 11:57:33

its the 20th were is it?


2017-06-20 12:24:19

It's the 20th, and now we wait....


2017-06-20 15:35:13

its so sad that i live in europe and have time 22:34. I have to go sleep earlyer :(
(and probablyy will see this game tomorrow)


2017-06-20 16:01:56

Same even though I live in America.


2017-06-20 16:10:57

hope you get well soon , love the games


2017-06-20 16:21:11

How many hours are left until you release it? Can't you do it now?


2017-06-20 16:31:11

I love this game
It actually made me sing up on newgrounds today
(watching your updates from con-quest v0.02)
Keep it up guys, good luck!
PS i luv charmander and cubone cosplayers