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The release date for the public build is August 30th! 

If you can't wait or wish to play the game in a .exe version check out the Patreon! 

Here are the patch notes for the upcoming version!

 Hotfix 8/25/2017

  • Added the animated reward for Jaclyn and Mara (unlocked by completing the Jail scene).
  • The Goodra and Sharpedo cosplayers can now be saved and have reward images.
  • Added the Rare books into the overgrown pharmacy and Jail room.
  • Added 2 new stickers sets (Sage and Eva).
  • The Grass spell now properly cots the amount of mana in the tooltip.
  • Fixed a bug that caused all girls on the left side to appear topless in the jail scene. 
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Goodra's reward from being shown unless you also saved the Sharpedo cosplayer

Hotfix 8/20/2017

  • Fixed an issue that caused the text to appear all garbled while making horrific sounds when starting a new game.

Hotfix 8/19/2017

  • Fixed an issue that caused the story to get stuck when talking to Jaclyn in the shop. 
  • Added a few lines of helpful dialogue to the events leading up to the jail scene.

 Update 8/19/2017

  • Added the full story for the new version. (Jail scene)
  • Added the topless sprites for the jail quest line ($10 Patron)

Hotfix 8/8/2017:(Beta 0.083)

  • The Mismagius cosplayer reward finished and now in the game! 

Hotfix 8/7/2017: (Beta 0.082)

  • fixed a bug that caused the game to crash when fighting a number of cosplayers
  • The water spell should now prevent damage properly.

Hotfix 8/1/2017:

  • Fixed a bug that caused the game to crash when fighting the Cubone cosplayer.
  • fixed a bug that caused the water spells cost to read as NaN

Hotfix 8/2/2017

  • Fixed a bug that made it impossible to mouse over things in the joy area.
  • Fixed an issue with the James cosplayer that caused a crash.


Patch notes:

  • Added the water spell to the magic list.
  • Changed up the Combat UI
  • Added 4 new cosplayers!
  • Added 2 new sticker sets!
  1. Jenny - found in the new jail area
  2. Mismagius -found in the new jail area
  3. Goodra - found in the new jail area
  4. Sharkpedo - found in the shipwreck area



That other guys was getting too depressing and dead, so now I'm taking over the weekly update.

In lieu of a complex weekly update, due to it mostly being a boring week dedicated to fixing minor bugs and finishing the main quest line, I can say that the new update will be released to patrons by Saturday, the 19th! Or else! The public version should be released roughly a week afterward.

The main images have all been finished, the quest line is nearing completion, we've got a new song that will be implemented into the game, and they've begun work on the animated versions of the rewards.

I make sure this team works hard! Mainly by reminding them of what happened to the last four DevTravs!




Our whale oil lamps are burning dim, as Vanilla has cut our wages again for another 'Per Diem Emergency'. This can't be eternal night, as the sun still peeks through the leaves and sticks that cover the cuddle pit.
In the meantime, let's see what we've been up to this week!

The Mismagius reward has been finished and will be in the public release!

A few game-breaking bugs have been patched up.

A hotfix has been added in the Con-Quest beta that:

     -Fixes a bug that caused the game to crash after fighting a number of cosplayers.

     -Allows the Shield Splash spell to prevent damage properly.

We've reached out and commissioned more artists to begin contributing more stickers that we'll be excited to show everyone!

We're also doing an extra image for the questline in the next update that will appear with the public release.

It's coming up on the 13th hour of my shift which means it's time for my lunch! I'll see you all in the next one!

Weekly Update: August 2nd, 2017

2017-08-02 18:00:39 by CuddlePitGames


Hey everyone! I'm the back of the proverbial and literal human centipede as mandated by Vanilla and from here on out, I'll be updating you guys on developments around the Cuddle Pit so you can know what we're up to!

I'll probably be using a lot of exclamation marks to gloss over the immense pain of typing mid-flagellation! 

Before we begin, if you'd like to check out the game's beta pre-release, $10+ patrons can see it here! Help out development by checking out our buggy, in-progress beta and reporting bugs while, at the same time, seeing the new features right away!

What has the team been up to lately?


- Updated health bar that will mark the most recent amount of damage in red, rather than simply shorten the health bar's graphic by said amount of damage, a la Dark Souls.

- The mana cost of spells will now scale with the spell's level.

- Spell damage has increased across the board, especially regarding Lightning Storm!

- Shield Splash! A new Water-element spell has been added to the game! Don't forget to try it out for yourself!

- Please stop flogging me, I am CURRENTLY typing!


-FOUR whole new characters!

   - Officer Jenny Cosplayer: Jaclyn! She's a hard-boiled cop who's ready for love! Just don't cross the law and you won't end up anywhere you don't want to be!

   - Mismagius Cosplayer: Mara! She's a pretty normal girl on the surface, she likes skiing and cosplay! God knows what she's like UNDER the surface though. I'm sure she's fine, but one can't help but wonder...

   - Rare Sharpedo Cosplayer!

   - Rare Goodra Cosplayer!


- The script has been finished for this most recent update! We're currently in the middle of implementing the script for the quest into the game! It should be completed and released with this upcoming update!

- Where did you get a cat o' nine tails!? Woah! How does something so old hurt so much! WOW!

We're happy to keep you all updated, so let us know if you have questions or comments regarding what to expect in the coming week!

See you soon!



The new version is now out! Post any bugs you find in comments! 


Hey there! The groundwork has been laid for the next Con-Quest update! We're coming together to polish everything up for the public release and have a set date of June 20th! We're all excited to see what you all think of this new version of Con-Quest!



The beta for the next version is out now for all Patrons. We're still working on adding some new things for this version so expect the Public build to be finished in a week or two!



Update News (Public)

2017-05-26 18:17:18 by CuddlePitGames



Hey Everyone!

Our next version should be coming real soon, but we wanted to give you an update as to how our next Con-Quest version is getting released!

We happened to get a little carried away with the quest pertaining to our upcoming characters and we're trying something new. It's ambitious but it's going to take a little more time, so we decided to release the first half of the next update exclusively to our patrons the moment it's ready!

The first half of the update will include:

- The new cosplayers! - Their reward images! - And a new area!

Once the second half is done, everyone will be treated to the remainder of the update, a brand new secret event and the conclusion to the stories of Sage and Joyce, our new cosplayers!

Thanks for tuning in and we'll see you all real soon!

Sneak Peek of the Patreon only Pin-Ups

2017-05-21 12:48:31 by CuddlePitGames



Play it now here!