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CuddlePitGames's News

Posted by CuddlePitGames - October 31st, 2019

Today marks the 3rd year anniversary of Con-Quest! Thanks to all of you for coming with us on this journey! We have some awesome stuff in the Con-Quest pipeline for everyone!

We're overhauling the script! Along with basic editing and a beefier, more digestible structure, we also plan to add more depth to the characters, heart to the story, more player interaction and tons of new cinematic CG's!


Along with fresh story elements, we'll also be adding a brand new relationship system where you can earn relationship XP with girls that will unlock unique player bonuses and character-driven side quests with new sex scenes!

A very common fan suggestion for Con-Quest was to allow the girls from the game to come out from the background and fight alongside you. We think we've found a unique and entertaining way to better incorporate the characters that join you throughout the game!


Introducing the Tag-Team system, where Phoebe, Ivy, Carmen and others will join your party as active members, influencing battle and allowing you access to elemental spells and even building romantic bonds through continued participation in combat! 

The Con-Quest girls have always been uniquely identified by their elemental motifs and we think implementing their connection with their element to battle is a really great way to better show off their personalities in gameplay while also having them act as a more integral part of the continuing quest and storyline.

Another long-requested feature that we're proud to have already implemented is a new Autosave system! We'll be keeping support for the password save system, naturally, but we now have our new autosave system working in the same framework!


Premiering in our last patron update, we plan to spend more time with each characters introduction! That begins with our new Character Dungeons, beginning with a polished and unique version of the Phoebe Dungeon from our last patron update! You can plan on seeing a new intro and new combat sprites for Phoebe and her echos!


Battle screens and elements are getting spruced up too!

We're adding an updated battle outro screen that will show your experience and relationship level increase!


Below is a preview of three all new girls we'll be adding to Con-Quest! These girls will appear as new combatable NPCs, giving everyone a new variety of cosplayers to fight and rewards to receive!


Not to mention, we've been experimenting with a new way to animate reward scenes, creating more fluid and dynamic reward scenes with more hand-drawn animation! (Images are NSFW and available in the Patron version of this update.)

Thanks again for three amazing years of Con-Quest and stay tuned for more updates!


Posted by CuddlePitGames - October 29th, 2019


Devtrav and myself (meadowlurk) will be livestreaming THURSDAY, October 31st. Starting at 4 pm PST! The weekly stream will be a day early to celebrate our third year of conquest. We're not doing anything too special, just hanging out like always, though anyone is welcome to stop by and ask questions. I'll be working on some cut-scene work for Vanilla for the revamped intro (:

Check us out over at https://www.twitch.tv/cuddlepit


Posted by CuddlePitGames - October 25th, 2019


Live Stream starting in 30 minutes, 4pm pst! Just me (meadowlurk) this week. I'll be working on some cut-scene art assets https://www.twitch.tv/cuddlepit


Posted by CuddlePitGames - October 18th, 2019


Weekly Livestream starting at 4 pm pst. Just me (meadowlurking) this time, I'll be coloring the halloween pinup with mia and nia ^^ https://www.twitch.tv/cuddlepit


Posted by CuddlePitGames - October 11th, 2019


Stream time! Just me (meadowlurk) for now, Grossgirl will free to hang out in a couple hours <: https://www.twitch.tv/cuddlepit


Posted by CuddlePitGames - October 10th, 2019


Hey guys! I(meadowlurk) will be streaming again this week, tomorrow friday the 11th of october in the year of our lord 2019 at 4pm PST over at https://www.twitch.tv/cuddlepit

We fixed the technical issue, sorry again^^;, turns out it was on my end. Sorry to Grossgirl!! But we'll actually be in call together this time, talking about art n life. I'll be finishing the anniversary pick from the last stream and Grossgirl will be working on concept art for Haley. Come hang out with us if you get the chance : D


Posted by CuddlePitGames - October 4th, 2019



Chill lofi art stream~ Grossgirl is having minor technical issues but she’ll be with us in spirit ;w;


Posted by CuddlePitGames - October 3rd, 2019


Hey guys! Tomorrow at 4pm PST I (meadowlurk) will be sketching out an anniversary drawing for ConQuest. Can you believe its been 3 years? O_O Grossgirl will be in call along with me, check it out if you get the chance^^ https://www.twitch.tv/cuddlepit


Posted by CuddlePitGames - September 27th, 2019


No mic cuz of some technically issues, we tried our best sorry!! Meadowlurk will be coloring the halloween pinup from last stream https://www.twitch.tv/cuddlepit


Posted by CuddlePitGames - September 25th, 2019

http://twitch.tv/cuddlepit Meadowlurk will be streaming again on Friday the 27th at 4PM PDT!