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CuddlePitGames's News

Posted by CuddlePitGames - October 8th, 2018


It's time for a return to form! The Safari Zone, beta tested earlier, now has new characters, a new quest, new battles and new rewards!

The public release is slated to come out on the 17th! Be sure to send us any bugs, glitches or feedback that you find in the Patreon Discord!

If you're a patron, be sure to click below to get access to the latest version!



Posted by CuddlePitGames - September 12th, 2018


Hey Everyone!

We've been working on the public build for Side-Quest as development on Con-Quest's new battle system continues! 

For those not in the know, Side-Quest is a visual novel that we've been developing alongside Con-Quest. The beta version is available for all of our patrons here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/side-quest-beta-20770617

Side-Quest has undergone some major revisions already since the beta's release and we're excited to show everyone!

Above, you can see a collection of art by our team that's going into the next release! Most (or all) of those assets didn't even make an appearance in our current release! We're very excited to show you our release build.

Here are a few changes you can expect from the Release Version:

- More character sprites
- More visually dynamic situations
- Revamped approach to date-swapping
- General polish, including faster transitions and fewer bugs
- More endings
- More rewards
- At least one secret story path

Which leads us to some big news!

We are currently preparing for and planning a release on Steam! With the floodgates now open to adult games and Side-Quest being built with a compatible engine, we see no reason to not at least attempt to deliver Side-Quest to you through a common distribution platform! 

We are also still planning our Android release and we may have a Android Beta available to patrons as early as this week!

The final version of Side-Quest will of course release first on Patreon to our patrons. We can also guarantee that all of our patrons will be able to receive and download Side-Quest totally free.

Finally, we hope to have our final release finished by November 1st! There is a good chance that we'll be finished ahead of schedule, but November 1st seems to be a pretty healthy bet on Side-Quest's completion.

See you next update!


Posted by CuddlePitGames - July 6th, 2018


Hey Everyone!

We've been hard at work revamping the combat system and giving an otherwise tried and true game a much needed coat of polish. Just today we've uploaded a new version of Con-Quest with a small extra challenge for our patrons.

Due to some goings-on around Cuddle Pit, we are going to be starting to turn Con-Quest slowly away being a pokemon clone.

What does this mean for Con-Quest?

Not nearly as much as you might think.

These past two years have been exciting, largely in part due to the wellspring of creativity and color that is pokemon. We love the games, we've loved seeing unique character designs sprung from various pokemon and we've loved creating our own unique combat system based off of pokemon's classic battle mechanics and structure.

We love to make Con-Quest and we'd love to keep making it and we'd love to not get sued out of existence, something which would very quickly put a halt on further development of Con-Quest.

This does not mean that the pokemon inspired designs are going away. However, what was once interpretive will now become referential. In other words, above and below are a few designs we've been playing with in the pursuit of keeping the spirit of both Con-Quest and the color and playfulness of Pokemon alive in the game:




Our main concern is not the referential costumes, but rather costumes cribbed directly from pokemon, such as Joyce and Jess's costumes.

We plan to add, rather than subtract, from Con-Quest. We would be very likely to get away with referential costumes, or even fully pokemon-inspired costumes as extras, rather than main content, but we feel strongly that our artists and team have to skill to make something unique and fun without losing the distinct influence that comes from pokemon, a naturally influential game series that we've loved since its first appearance.

What kinds of additions are coming?

New designs for the characters, for one thing! A process that has proved more fun and exciting than we had first imagined. Another thing is that we, again, plan to keep a good amount of the pokemon costumes in the game as extras and secrets!

This is also something that will be happening gradually, as we don't plan to strip every character naked until they have a new design.

As strange as it has been to come to this decision, our view and approach toward it is strictly positive. New character portraits, new CGs and new ideas are on their way soon, as well as our slowly progressing revamped battle system.

Be sure to let us know what you think of the above designs in our comment sections and the Cuddle Pit discord servers!

We'll talk to you soon!
-Cuddle Pit


Posted by CuddlePitGames - April 29th, 2018


We've got BIG news and a BIG new pin-up by GrossGirl!

This big news been taking up a lot of our time! There are big changes on the way and we've been looking for the perfect opportunity to tell you about them.



We're planning on updating Con-Quest's combat in a number of new and interesting ways! New spells? New attacks? Bigger! We're planning a new overhaul that is going to make the combat in Con-Quest deeper and more stylish.

Check out this rough, older mock-up we forced our artists to do before feeding them:

Why Change The Combat?:

Con-Quest's combat has proved to be a useful and practical system so far, but we think we can do better! Something that's a joy to look at, and not just because there are naked women on it!

Con-Quest is also a hugely character-focused game, and we've come to the realization that 1v1 combat is antithetical to the game's focus, feel and themes. In a game where you run around and make new friends, why shouldn't you take those friends on an adventure with you, and fight by their side?

So what changes are we going to make?

  • Multi-Fighter Parties:

We want to add back-sprites to characters, especially seeing as we are hoping to add multiple characters into fights. Rather than 1v1s, we've conceived of and are testing a system of rotating attacks and party members!

  • New UI:

Our current battle system still carries artifacts of Con-Quest in its very earliest stages. We'd like to see the combat system evolve, visually, in ways we've so far been unable to as we have with the rest of the game.

  • New Backgrounds:

To give the game a better sense of scale and flow, we'd like to see our battles visually taking place inside of the areas that the battles are canonically taking place in.


What other changes are on the way?

Patreon Reward Additions:

If you've played Con-Quest, then you've seen your fair share of beautiful cartoon women! Beautiful women previously only accessible on Flash-enabled browsers! For the first time, exclusively for our patrons, we're now adding HD .PNG files of Con-Quest: Poke-Con's reward images accessible DIRECTLY from Patreon! We're also adding galleries of battle sprites from Con-Quest: Poke-Con so you can view girls that you've already saved or even potentially missed!

All Patreon rewards listed below are additions! All previous rewards will continue implementation uninterrupted!


$1 Tier Patrons:

  • Our $1 Tier Patrons will have access to the battle sprites and HD .PNG files of Phoebe, Ivy, Carmen and Michelle's rewards!

$5 Tier Patrons:

  • All of the previous reward tiers
  • Access to the .PNG battle sprites of all of the girls we have in the game!

$10 Tier Patrons: 

  • All of the previous reward tiers
  • Access to the whole of the game's reward images in glorious HD .PNG format!

$20 Tier Patrons:

  • All of the previous reward tiers
  • Access to all of the HD reward images, static AND animated!

$40 Tier Patrons: 

  • All of the previous reward tiers
  • Access to layered files of our animated reward images! An in-depth look at the way our animations are rigged!


Too Many Girls!?

Wow! We've got a lotta babes in our game! With Con-Quest's robust cast, now is the perfect time for us to go back and fix the fundamentals of the game we've not yet had the time to polish since our game's creation. 

Con-Quest has proved to be a great time for a lot of people, and we're proud of the fanbase we've accumulated, and are humbled by their, and your, continued support. We'd like to strengthen our game in the deepest and most eminently important ways we can. We want to improve the lifeblood of Con-Quest's engagement: the combat and character interactions.

So What's Next?

At this time, our designer/director is going to be all designer without the time for direction he previously had. This will be taking some load off of our artists and writers, that we plan to immediately make up for that load with a new idea for Con-Quest!

The Safari Zone Idea:

The plan is simple: add a room (or rooms) to Con-Quest wherein our artists will add newly conceived characters and their reward images! This may even leave room for small amounts of story and flavor text along with it! This would allow us to continue giving new content and versions to our patrons fairly quickly while giving our designer the freedom to build the new combat system!

Version 0.097 Public Release Date!

Be sure to stop by for the public release of the new version on the 25th of May! See you then!


Posted by CuddlePitGames - April 1st, 2018

Con-Quest has been a project and a labor of love built on originality in concepts and intellectual media. This is why we're excited to share with you two new crossover events!


Con-Quest X Persona: Cosplay Abyss!

We've teamed up with Atlus to bring you a crossover event to rival The Avengers and Space Jam!

Play as a hideous amalgamation of Faye and Igor on a quest to save the pokemon-cosplaying-as-Persona-characters cosplayers!

Con-Quest X Persona: Cosplay Abyss! is slated to come out Q2 2019.



Untitled Con-Quest X Family Guy Project! (working title)

Coming soon to FOX, the minds behind Con-Quest and Family Guy have teamed up to take a scissor staff to your funny bone! Join Peter, Vanilla, Lois, Carmen, Brian the dog, Faye and Baby Stewie on a laugh-out-loud comedy romp that will have you saying: "More please!"

Only on Cuddle Pit!


Posted by CuddlePitGames - March 30th, 2018


It's time! Development is winding down quickly, so it's time to let everyone in on the upcoming release dates!

Development was delayed due to a horrible bug in the beta version of the latest update, a glitch in the dialogue system causing valuable information and text to appear jumbled and unreadable on-screen. It was also really scary and made horrible sounds! No, really!. Well that bug has finally been squashed like the bug that it truly was!

Expect the Public Build of the latest Con-Quest update to be out between March 31st and April 1st (PDT)! A whole new addition with all new girls and the exciting continuation of the Con-Quest story, as well as a new reward animated by our newest addition to the animation team!

As for our Patreon supporters, you can expect an even newer version of Con-Quest to be out by April 14th (PDT)!

Thanks for sticking around, we can't wait to see what you think of our latest updates!


Posted by CuddlePitGames - March 21st, 2018


For some time we've been maintaining the Discord server for our patrons! But now we've decided to let our free players in on the fun!

What? No, we're not letting you into the Patreon server! Instead, we've made the Con-Quest Freeloader Public Discord Server! The link is below. We naturally won't be able to respond to inquiries and comments as often as the patreon server, due to expected server load, but who knows? Maybe you'll be able to make yourself useful, or at least drop by for a laugh.

See you there, cheapskates!


DISCORD INVITE LINK: https://discord.gg/Upr9Njg


Posted by CuddlePitGames - March 10th, 2018


Anyone who's currently a patron for Cuddle Pit games now has access to v0.095 of Con-Quest! Patch notes are below:

+Added a new ultra rare cosplayer in the new jungle area. Unlocks a clickable reward in the maid cafe.
+Added new "text boop sounds" for girls that didn't have unique ones.

Known issues
-The new girls will not appear in the gallery or map. It will be added in a hotfix.
-The new shiny girl doesn't have any win/lose lines yet.
-New sticker sets are finished but are still being added to the game. We have 3 sets but we are not sure about how 1 set turned out. We will show it in a coming Patreon post and have the patrons vote on whether or not we should add it to the game.

Beta 2 build notes
+ The Issue with characters appearing on the screen whenever text shows up after hitting the skip button should now be fixed.
+ Added a new effect to going up the stairs and down the hole in the jungle room.
+ Increased the quality of all song audio.
+ It should be impossible to capture Mia with the no escape rope on the quest if her hp is under 80%

Beta 1 build notes
+ Added the Meowth cosplayer quest line.
+ Changed up some UI elements.
+ The Dialogue system has been competently revamped (Old Dialogue hasn't been changed yet it's only for the new stuff). Character portraits are now animated and some have a range of emotions.
+ Added a new ANIMATED reward with 4 stages as a reward for the Meowth quest line.
+ Cycling though characters in the sticker book should now work properly


Posted by CuddlePitGames - March 1st, 2018


We have a release date for the next update!

All patreon versions for v0.095 will be out the night of March 10th!

The Beta for the next update is out for beta-tester patrons! If you'd like to play the early version of the next update, it's available right now for all $10 and up patrons!

The beta is an early version of the next update, and we need your help to squash out the bugs! As well as being able to play the next version of Con-Quest early, you can look forward to:

- New emotes for more girls during conversation!
- A new, original quest-line!
- A pocketful of bugs and glitches!
- New girls to fight and save!
- A new animated reward by a new animator on staff!
And more!

Also: in the next few days, we're going to be taking some time out to detail some of the changes and additions we'll be making and adding to Con-Quest to take our patrons behind the scenes and to get feedback on new concepts, plans, ideas and directions! This will be a post separate from our usual weekly update.

We hope you guys enjoy the latest installment of Con-Quest and we'll talk to you very soon!


Posted by CuddlePitGames - February 14th, 2018

We're going to stream some art and possibly some animation at around 8 pm PST.  Come watch us here!