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The new version is now out! Post any bugs you find in comments! 


Hey there! The groundwork has been laid for the next Con-Quest update! We're coming together to polish everything up for the public release and have a set date of June 20th! We're all excited to see what you all think of this new version of Con-Quest!



The beta for the next version is out now for all Patrons. We're still working on adding some new things for this version so expect the Public build to be finished in a week or two!



Update News (Public)

2017-05-26 18:17:18 by CuddlePitGames



Hey Everyone!

Our next version should be coming real soon, but we wanted to give you an update as to how our next Con-Quest version is getting released!

We happened to get a little carried away with the quest pertaining to our upcoming characters and we're trying something new. It's ambitious but it's going to take a little more time, so we decided to release the first half of the next update exclusively to our patrons the moment it's ready!

The first half of the update will include:

- The new cosplayers! - Their reward images! - And a new area!

Once the second half is done, everyone will be treated to the remainder of the update, a brand new secret event and the conclusion to the stories of Sage and Joyce, our new cosplayers!

Thanks for tuning in and we'll see you all real soon!

Sneak Peek of the Patreon only Pin-Ups

2017-05-21 12:48:31 by CuddlePitGames



Play it now here!


The new version of con-quest is out now for all Patrons!

The public build will be relased in a a week or so as we get feedback from patrons and fix any bugs they find!


Patch Notes:


New enemy weakness system:

  •  Most Cosplayers now have a weakness to a certain spell or attack. 
  •  Hitting an opponents weakness while you have no debuffs on you will now deal massive damage.
  •  If you hit an opponent's weakness while you have a debuff on you it will not count. 

 Game Changes: 

  • Changed the way attacks and spells are drawn to the screen which should now help players that have been experiencing lag. 
  • Added a new room with 3 new girls (2 of which have reward images both static and animated) 1 common, 1 uncommon and 1 ultra rare (not yet saveable). 
  • Added quests for both of the new savable girls. 
  • The (ultra rare) Umbreon cosplayer can now be saved and has a reward image.  

 Player changes: 

  •  Moth Swarm spell has a new animation. 
  •  Ignite Scissors spell has a new animation. 
  •  Basic attack has a new animation. 

 Enemy Changes: 

  • Petal Dance spell has a new animation. 
  • Ignite Spell has a new animation. 
  • Added a new animation when a cosplayer gets hit with an attack they are weak to. 

 Options menu: 

  • Added an option to turn off the zoom effect when a girls costume gets torn. Disabling this will help players that are experiencing lag. 

 $10+ Patreon Tier: 

  •  Added 3 new topless character portraits. 


New upcoming game!

2017-04-01 11:43:52 by CuddlePitGames

New upcoming game news!