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Weekly Update; November 17th, 2017

2017-11-17 21:56:17 by CuddlePitGames


Hey, everyone!

We can now say, with certainty, the release date for the completed version for both patrons and the public release! The patron version will be out on the 25th, the public version on the 28th!

This has been one of our longest and most ambitious versions yet! So big we had to cut it in half! Our ambitious have grown with each successive update, and naturally has taken more time and effort on our part as we've progressed further and further into Con-Quest's development.

We're personally happy to see the multitude of ways that Con-Quest has mutated and changed, not just in the gameplay but in the way that Con-Quest is made and released. We've seen too many of our patrons excited and happy to see new surprises in each update to step backwards now. Sometimes, if an update takes more time than usual, say to implement a conversation system, to rehaul the gallery into the Cosplayer Compendium, or to add new emotions and character, then it simply takes longer. But the game, and each successive update, will be better for it.

With that said, here's some development updates for the week! We've got a new reward image for Ivy in the main quest line! It's an image made of four variations and an animation that's currently in progress! Gardevoir's reward is also currently in progress and nearing completion!

We've got, as you can see above, a new slew of emotions for some of our characters are currently in the works! We'll even be going through past events and dialogue to implement them for certain characters!

With that: we'll see you at the next update!


Hey, everyone! 

After curating a number of bugs and comments, a hotfix for Con-Quest is going out today! Here's what you can expect from today's update.   

Hotfix 11/10/17

  • Added 2 animations for Jolie's reward image which unlock after you fully complete ivy's date quest line.
  • Added an echo version of Jolie's reward image.
  • Added a way to turn off the scrolling effect of the Cosplayer Compendium which will help reduce lag on slower computers.
  • Summoning Carmen will now apply the fire buff.
  • Fixed the quest where you need to find date ticket pieces. The quest text said you needed 3 but only 2 were needed.

If you have any more suggestions or find further bugs, please let us know. 

Thanks again and we'll see you next week! 


Work is continuing to go strong since our latest update less than a week ago! We're currently curating bugs and feedback in the new update and working on it as information comes in!

In terms of non-maintenance work, we've got our artists currently working on the reward image for Gardevoir's cosplayer in the latest update, as well as the animation for Jolteon's reward image.

We'll be sure to keep you in the loop as we continue work on the public version of the latest update. We'll see you soon!


The Patreon versions of the newest update are now out! After some testing and feedback, this newest update will also be going public!

Weekly Update: October 27th, 2017

2017-10-27 19:52:18 by CuddlePitGames


Hey, Everyone!

The release date for this latest partial update is now set in stone at October 29th, 2017 for all Patrons! Just in time for two days before Halloween! 

The partial update is due to the length of time that we devoted to finishing the sticker book and the cosplayer compendium, and we should be delivering you the completed update very soon!

We have added the newest girl to the mix, along with her reward image! She's looking good, too! We have also added a new shiny pokemon, but we've not yet completed her reward image.

Also, the 31st will be the one year anniversary of Cuddle Pit! We'll be posting an NSFW pin-up to our patrons as our thanks!

All in all, we're happy with how this one came out and we hope you guys enjoy it!

Oh, and life in the Cuddle Pit is dark and scary and horrifying as usual. But it's Halloween, so it feels natural. See you next week!


Hey everyone,

This week, we've got a couple of small announcements:

The Cosplayer Compendium is coming along nicely, and as you can see above, we've added a map screen where you can view cosplayers and descriptions of certain rooms!

We are also THREE new sets of three new stickers! That's nine stickers in total! That's a pretty big addition, and we're pretty proud of all of them.

We're currently getting a lot of work done on the game itself as well, including the new reward image being just about finished and working on the new room.

Otherwise, a week of pretty standard hard labor in the depths of the Cuddle Pit. If we get the update out fast enough, Vanilla promised to give us 10 extra Vanilla StoreCreditz™, which are even more convenient and fun than regular money!

See you next week!


Hey guys! Glad to be back with another update!

The Cosplayer Compendium is nearing completion and a test version should be available for patrons with access to the Con-Quest Beta by September 30th!

We're currently looking into the possibility of having t-shirts manufactured for Con-Quest! We've got a public poll available for anyone to vote on which design they'd be most interested in! You can go vote by clicking here! 

Other than that, the script for the next episode is nearing completion and we're currently doing revisions on it, and art is progressing nicely.

We're excited to see the results of the t-shirt poll and to get your feedback on the Cosplayer Compendium. Positive or negative, both are fine! Our punishment is the same either way!

See you next week!


Update guy's back to life but not functioning totally properly. As soon as he woke up he started humping my leg. I mean props for good taste, but it wasn't what I had in mind. So you've got me for at least one more update.

I've had the Help working on something you guys have been requesting for a good long time: a Cosplayer Compendium. It's going to be a section of the game that's going to house pictures and information, not just of all the cosplayers, but also the rooms of the convention.

You can see the menu for picking a battle pose just at the top of this post. It's in progress, but it's looking okay.

Some of our commissioned work is coming back to us, we've got 2 out of 3 prepared stickers completed, the third is on its way now. We've also gotten a guest artist to do a pin-up that will appear in game. It's all going to have a lot of cheese and sex appeal like any game that's worth its damn filesize.

The script is coming along, the structure for this coming update is going to be a departure from updates we've uploaded in the past.

I can utilize black arts to bring people back to life but I do not know why it takes nerds so long to type some stupid words.

And that's what we've got for you this week. This update's shaping up to be a real shake-up, so stay tuned.



For whatever reason the weekly update guy's corpse doesn't regenerate when I fucking tell it to, so I guess I'm writing this update.

First off, check out this pin-up that GrossGirl whipped up. That should distract you for five to seven minutes.

The public update is now out! That means even your mom could play it now if she wanted to so badly. It can be played here:

I've got the Help already scrounging up new ideas for the next update and it's looking pretty good. We're working up images and prototypes for new features to add to the game as a whole currently.

Otherwise, we're doing the boring prep-work for the next update, gathering poll results, outlining scripts, getting our artists on the next pieces of art.

To sum up, we're starting the stuff now that will be fun to show you later when it's finished. See you next week!